What is a Peak Bagger

For me a Peak Bagger is quite simply someone looking to achieve their physical and mental goals.

If you are a climber, then that may be achieving a particular climb or series of climbs and Greg Slayden thoughts are well worth a read.

When I was first developing Peak Baggers Gin, inspired by adventurer Claire Hughes who really enjoys climbing the UK’s mountains and peaks, I certainly saw Peak Bagging as relating to climbing and that is the gins back story.

I was initially going to call it 282, after the number of Munro’s. Back in 2015 I had joined a friend complete their first round of all 282 Munro's, by joining them going up Ben More but doing my research I found out all about the various UK mountain classifications, that included Munro's, Corbett’s, Grahams, and Donalds and about other climbing challenges like the Three Peaks, national and local and English Wainwrights and decided Peak Baggers was a more inclusive name.

So Peak Baggers Gin is inspired by all climbers and hikers out there, those who do it for fun, for the physical and mental challenge or for the records. This outstanding gin, hand crafted in Orkney, is created on the classical foundations of juniper and coriander together with angelica and citrus.  It embraces its back story with its unique flavour comes from the botanicals found on the mountains and peaks of Great Britain including Bearberry, Blueberry, Heather, and Mountain Ash. Bearberry provides a natural sweetness complementing the slightly bitter taste of Mountain Ash. Blueberry provides a real depth of fruit flavour, and the Heather provides a subtle perfumed aroma, imparting a delicate grassy, floral note. Together they produce a fresh vibrant gin, with an aroma that gives you that fresh invigorated feeling one gets when you are on top of the world.