After many years managing heavy engineering businesses, I took up rowing thanks to a chance conversation over a garden fence. Since then I have taken part in coastal, river and ocean rowing.

In 2018 I led a team row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge (Worlds Toughest Row), crossing in a Guinness world record time of 42 days for a mixed four. In 2023 I completed a second crossing of the Atlantic in support of the charity Veterans at Ease.

It was whilst tackling a shortfall in funding for an arctic expedition that I recognised the long historical connection between adventuring and all types of drinks. The expedition team, of which I was part, had set about marketing a themed gin as a way of raising funds. I saw at first-hand how well customers responded to the gin's back story and the excitement surrounding the team’s expedition, it was very clear that the adventure itself became a key part of the gin's USP and roll out success. At that point the idea for the Adventurers Drinks Company was born.

The Adventurers Drinks Company’s markets drinks associated with modern day adventurers and explorers, the home to amazing drinks with authentic stories of adventure and exploration. The perfect gifts for those with an adventurous spirit.  

Phil Kite, Adventurer and Regular Bloke. 22nd May 2022