Update on the Adventures to Watch

In October I mentioned there were two adventures to watch, well they have now be concluded and I thought I would give you an update.

The Arctic Cowboys managed to achieve their goal of being the first to traverse the arctic's Northwest Passage by human power alone, paddling in two double Kayaks.  

It just shows what a determined crew and a well planned expedition can achieve in the most arduous conditions. It is great to see Mark Agnew, a fellow ocean rower, achieve his dream. Well done to the whole team especially the off water team members who helped plan the route on a hour by hour basis, constantly monitoring the weather, giving the on water team the best chance of success.

Jeff Wueste, West Hansen, Eileen Visser, and Mark Agnew. Photo: The Arctic Cowboys

Unfortunately Sir David Hempleman-Adams and Bert Padelts planned flight in the Torabhaig Atlantic Explorer gas balloon has had to be deferred until a later date. Favourable weather conditions for the first ever flight of an open basket hydrogen balloon across the Atlantic Ocean just didn't happen and the team will now have to wait until next year.