Birthday presents for Rowers?

Here are a few ideas that may help you pick just the right thing.  

Rowing Gear

  • Rigger Jigger – This is a must have for all rowers. There are always nuts and bolts to tighten on a boat, and rowers are always losing them. They can be found at Neaves Rowing Services  You can personalising them with tape or paint.
  • Stroke Coach – The perfect gadget if your rower has their own single or rows at stroke. You can find a selection at Oarsport including the NK range.
  • A durable and comfortable rowing seat pad – Rowing is a sit-down sport, and no one wants to be uncomfortable, especially when spending an hour on a rowing machine. There are so many types of seat available it will be hard to settle on one. Godfrey has a good range.
  • Rowing Machine – It would have to be a very special birthday if you were to give someone a rowing machine for their birthday. Given the price its worth looking at all the options and Menshealth is a good place to start.


  • Rowing socks designed to keep feet dry and comfortable – Anyone can be uncomfortable! Socks are a great present especially waterproof one such as those at Showerpass 
  • High-quality rowing gloves for protection and grip – Whilst many rowers don’t wear gloves in the winter it can make rowing more enjoyable whether that’s using pogies from Crewroom or gloves from the Crew Stop
  • Visible kit for the winter – Safety is so important on the river especially at night. You can find a range of Be Seen clothes at Godfrey together with customised rowing team apparel or a jersey with their name and team logo.
  • UV-protective, moisture-wicking clothing for outdoor rowing – a range of base layers can be found at Crewroom
  • Stylish and functional sunglasses suitable for water sports - Rowers like to pick their own sunglasses so don’t spend too much if you decide to buy the rower in your life some. May be get some floating ones from Coast Water Sports as they will always find their way into the water. 


  • A waterproof fitness tracker or smartwatch to monitor workouts on and off the water – you can’t go wrong with a Garmin but make sure your Rower loves data before spending too much.
  • Wireless headphones for a motivating music playlist during rowing sessions - Sitting on a rowing machine either grinding out the mileage or smashing an intense test can be helped by listening to a great playlist. There are so many headphones but those easy to fit and use, light in weight, sweat resistant with external noise cancellation are the best options. Apple air pods are a good option. 
  • GoPro or a waterproof camera to capture rowing adventures - Look out for those that are easy to fit on a boat and that comes down to the accessories. It would be worth watching Cameron Buchan on YouTube before deciding on what to get.

Training Accessories

  • Resistance bands for strength training – cheap and cheerful but a nice filler present, just like foam rollers for muscle recovery and flexibility.

Educational Resources:

  • Books on rowing technique, training programs, or inspirational stories - You can have good fun looking for the right book. The Boys in the Boat is on trend and can be found at
  • A subscription to a rowing magazine or an online rowing community is also a good idea.

Personalized Items

  • Engraved rowing jewellery, like a bracelet or necklace – Hand painted jewellery can be found at RobinStarCraft on Facebook.
  • Customised water bottle or hydration pack with their name and a motivational quote – Ocean Bottles are marketed as the reusable water bottle that actually helps save the Ocean.
  • Personalized rowing-themed artwork or prints – These are available at Rock the Boat 


  • High-quality protein supplements or a nutrition plan tailored for rowers- A nice idea but a bit of research required and maybe left to the rower to choose.


  • Massage tools like a massage stick or massage ball for post-rowing recovery – Booking the Rower in your life a sports massage is a great idea.

Something a little Different:

  • Special Drinks – Rowers Gin inspired by all the rowers out there, coastal, ocean and River is available at the Adventurers Drinks Company It includes botanicals found in and around our seas and waterways.
  • TrainingThe Coastal Rowing Centre is offering training for those looking to combine physical exercise with that wonderful be-beside-the-seaside feeling.

Hopefully this blog has given you some great ideas for Birthday presents for the Rower in your life, and maybe made you a little bit more intertest in the sport. Happy shopping.

Picture - Birthday Cards - Before the Press Stand, Henley by Timothy Easton - Balloons Art by Clare Topper, Bike Card by Rosie Made Thing - Birthday Balloons by World Land Trust - Candles by Waving at Trains