Two Adventures to Watch NOW (Oct 2023)

There are two amazing adventures currently happening.

The Arctic Cowboys are closing in on the being the first to traverse the arctic's Northwest Passage by human power alone, paddling in two Kayaks.  It just shows what a determined crew and a well planned expedition can achieve in the most arduous conditions. It is great to see Mark Agnew, a fellow ocean rower, achieve his dream. 

.... and shortly, the Torabhaig Atlantic Explorer gas balloon, co-piloted by Sir David Hempleman-Adams and Bert Padelt, will take flight as part of an audacious adventure of old friends on a journey that will look for new scientific discoveries while aiming to become the first ever flight of an open basket hydrogen balloon across the Atlantic.

The crew consists of the three oldest people who have ever been bold enough to cross the Atlantic in an open basket gas balloon. With a combined age of over 200, the co-pilots, world record holding British adventurer, Sir David Hempleman-Adams (British, 66 years) and Bert Padelt (American, 62 years), a balloon manufacturer who has been inducted in the US Ballooning Hall of Fame, will be accompanied by explorer, scientist and entrepreneur, Dr Frederik Paulsen (Swiss, 72).