The Arctic Cowboys Kayaking the Northwest Passage

An adventure to watch over the next few weeks/months is that of the Arctic Cowboys aiming to be the first to make it through the Northwest Passage by human power alone in a single season.

They set off from Pond Inlet Baffin Island on 19th July in their tandem kayaks and you can track them on their website and Facebook and Instagram @thearcticcowboys

The team of 4 includes our friend Mark Agnew from the UK, adventure is in his dna.

The Explorers Club has chosen The Arctic Cowboys as a Flag Expedition and will be carrying club flag #214 as a result of a partnership with Dr. Martin Nweeia to Study Microplastics and Ocean Acidification Effects on the High Arctic Ocean Ecosystem. Arctic Cowboy, Eileen Visser, will be expertly collecting samples from the field.

You can follow them on their LIVE tracker

It’s great to see this self-reliant and well organised expedition giving it their best.

Images from the Arctic Cowboys