Technical issues lead to Matty Clarke calling time on his bid to row the Northwest Passage in a single season.

Matthew Clarke and Adam Antares Riley launched their bid to row the 2,000 mile Northwest Passage in a single season earlier this summer.

After making their own boats they set off on an amazing journey. Unfortunately, Adam suffered a reoccurrence of a shoulder injury in the first part of the expedition and had to pull out, becoming Matty’s on shore support.

Since then Matty has rowed on with great determination through some grim weather. His dagger board broke on more than one occasion and the battering waves even cracked open a seam on his boat which he sealed with resin.

The last straw was the failure of his electrics which led to him calling time on the expedition. Without power not only wouldn’t his bilge pumps work but nor would his communication systems, a critical requirement in such a harsh environment.

Matty now plans to row to Gjoa Haven, his end point, at least for this year.

We look forward to seeing what Matty does next.