Looking for a Motivational Speaker

If you are looking for a motivational speaker then Mark Agnew is a great choice.

Mark made history when he and his three teammates became the first people to kayak the entire Northwest Passage. The Arctic Cowboys expedition took 102 days from July 1 to October 12, 2023, and caught the imagination of the British public. 

His first two major Ocean expeditions ended prematurely. To bounce back, Mark interviewed leading psychologists. Mark now has a framework for all walks of life to bounce back, build resilience and reframe "failure".

Mark is an adventurer, speaker and journalist. While living in Hong Kong, he founded the Outdoor & Extreme sports section of the South China Morning Post, the largest section of its kind in any newspaper worldwide.

He shares the joys and lessons of adventuring near and far. 

The lessons focus on setting yourself set big goals and finding contentment with the effort, not the outcome. Mark can help you build resilience and lead a happier, healthier life in work, studies and beyond. 

Build resilience, discuss mental health and be entertained by adventurous stories by hiring Mark for your event today. 

Talks and workshops include:

  • Exciting tales of adventures at sea
  • How to build resilience
  • The importance of defining success 
  • How to create team cohesion
  • Tailored talks to fit your event
  • Bouncing back from Failure
  • Audience interaction and group work optional 

Find out more in his website