Claire's Tri-Nation's Triathlon is ON - 20th April 2024

In late November 2021, Claire Hughes broke her ankle in three places whilst out walking in the snow in the North Pennines and was rescued by the Great North Air Ambulance.

For Claire this brought some things into sharp focus. She couldn't believe this essential service is a charity. She realised the  importance of just being outdoors for her mental health and she was grateful for what her body is capable of, even the rattly, crunchy, painful bits and she realised her desire to keep adventuring while she can and celebrate it.

She therefore decided to bring all these things together in an adventure challenge to shine a light on this incredible charity and raise as much money as possible for them whilst at the same time continuing to use the opportunity to encourage others to get out there and have a go! 

The 11 stage challenge is a tough, aiming to complete a single continuous journey paddling the longest lake, highest mountain and cycling in between through Wales, England and Scotland in a week. When travelling the length of the lakes, she will use a pack raft carrying all her equipment, with her bike strapped across the bow. 

For Claire it's not about being the best, the fastest, going the furthest or being the first, it's about finding your own challenge, enjoying the journey and finding the adventure along the way. It doesn't have to always be about comparing yourself with others and measuring your success against their achievements, it's about taking that inspiration to create your own. 

Claire's measure of success will be to complete the challenge with a smile on her face and some stories to tell. If it inspires others to have a try at something new or gives them the courage to step away from endless comparisons and self doubt then even better. As she says let's celebrate what we have.

We at the Adventures Drinks Company are delighted to be one of Claires first sponsors, championing our Peak Baggers Gin on the way.

If you know any companies who may like to support to the challenge and the GNA Ambulance in return for publicity through her website, social media, speaking events and through the film which will be made following the progress of this challenge or if you would like to donate to the good cause, then please let her know through her website. Every penny goes to her heroes at Great North Air Ambulance.